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How to PERMANENTLY Erase Negative Self-Talk So You Can Be Extraordinary
(Published by New Chapter Press, available on Amazon and wherever books are sold.)

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“You can connect the dots of your life looking backwards.” -Steve Jobs

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 2.46.19 PMI connected the dots of my life looking backwards and became a Be More Extraordinary *Magician*. I am formally known as a Transformational Leadership Coach. It is my clients that have dubbed me a Magician.

“Emily, you are so much more than a traditional coach or therapist, you are a Magician. You were the Magician that turned me into the most extraordinary version of myself . . . I don’t even recognize me, in a good way. I finally overcame my biggest fears and have the courage now to go beyond my comfort zone, take action and manifest.”

The Universe conspired and purposely gave me painful experiences for the evolution of my soul. I finally made “lemonade” out of the “lemons” of the first 49 years of my life (I’m 53 now). 

I share my story to show you that I have had negative experiences just like you. I felt stuck and frustrated with not living to my potential. I found joy and my spiritual calling through the negative experiences I had to go through.

If you would like to live your best life, it is very important to invest in your personal growth, just like I have, so you can understand who you really are so you can soar to your greatness personally and professionally.

My Story:

I swept negative memories under the rug. I wore the mask of perfection. I suffered silently with emptiness and self-pity, hoping that money, status, stuff and keeping up with the Joneses would bring joy and fulfillment. It didn’t. My buried negative memories manifested into a one-year battle with depression in my early 40’s.

My life has come full circle. My old “mess” has become my message. The wounds of my life were the greatest gifts I have ever been given.

Significant life events that were the best gifts ever:

  • EmilyI had an unhappy childhood at home and at school. Felt lonely, rejected, ashamed and unworthy. The details are in my book How to Permanently Erase Negative Self-Talk So You Can Be Extraordinary.
  • In 1992, my son’s father suffered a heart attack at 38-years-old (I was 29 years old and 5 months pregnant).
  • I was raising a baby at the same time as taking care of an ill spouse with pressures of a career.
  • I had a one-year battle with depression and anxiety in my early 40′s. Imagine not sleeping for a year… addicted to sleeping pills that didn’t work. With the help of my doctor, I realized I was reliving traumas from my childhood through the situation that precipitated my depression.
  • Lesson: Negative memories “swept under the rug” will eventually come back to bite us – especially in our 40’s, 50’s – oftentimes in the form of self-sabotage in relationships, not being able to break through a block in career potential, emotional issues and/or health and weight problems.
  • In 2011, at age 49, I was laid off from a 27 year career with Pfizer, two years shy of a large retirement benefit, with three years left of my son’s gigantic Tuft’s tuition bill – $180K – ouch! – with no financial aid.

So I invested in my personal growth and unburden from the “I’m not good enough” beliefs that I didn’t even know I had. If you unburden and make peace with the past like I did, you can live happy and fulfilled now on the journey to living to your potential.

My pharmaceutical experience (including spending 10 of those years marketing psychiatric medications) and my nutrition expertise means that I understand the healthcare landscape. Being a holistic Nutritionist that was marketing pharmaceuticals gives me a unique perspective and a 360 degree understanding of what it really takes to holistically achieve optimal emotional, physical and spiritual health.

I initially launched my business in 2012 as a Nutritionist since that was my expertise. After a few months, I got sick and tired of watching some of my clients sabotage themselves back to their old weight after they finished coaching with me. They really needed to address the real problem . . . which is low self-image from old emotional burdens.

When dieters lose weight through pushing themselves and the new fit body is better than their real self-image, then they will sabotage themselves back to their old weight . . . guaranteed! This is why 95% of dieters fail again and again and gain all the weight back after 6 months. This is why it’s futile to go on a diet without looking into the inner landscape.

So my nutrition clients led me to becoming a Be More Extraordinary *Magician.* The powerful, deep and lasting transformation I guide you to get unstuck and unleashed are inspired by  professional trainings in Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) and professional in Internal Family Systems, an evidence-based modality of accelerated self-awareness, personal growth and permanent emotional healing.

Why am I so passionate about my work?

Because this IS my spiritual calling. I was given the gifts of my painful life experiences so that I can heal from them and become the Be More Extraordinary *Magician.* So my j-o-b is to help you come home to your true Self and master the inner game of success, leadership and life.  I love working with visionaries and change-makers who are like me and resonate with me, who have big visions, who would like to realize their full potential and leave  lasting legacy.

I am here to help you identify and remove the hidden blocks you didn’t even know you have so you can live to your destiny and soar to your greatness physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Education and Career:

  • B.S. in Nutrition from Cornell University (1984)
  • Holistic Nutrition training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • 27-year award-winning career marketing Pfizer’s blockbuster pharmaceuticals including Lipitor, Viagra, Z-Pak, Zoloft, Xanax, Pristiq, Zyrtec, Aricept, Lyrica, etc.
  • Professional trainings in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Professional trainings in evidence-based Internal Family Systems modality of psycho-spiritual healing and Self-leadership

Some Personal Fun Facts:

  • climbing up telephone poleI am devotee of Bikram Yoga (yoga in 105 degrees). It relieves stress, cures my back pains from sitting all day in front of the computer. I get creative in class and get all kinds of downloads for how I want to make a difference in this world.
  • I like out-of-the-box adventures. Such as climbing up a 20 ft. wobbly telephone pole (blind-folded) and jumped off of it during an “Outdoor Thrills and Skills” course. It was the scariest and most exhilarating thing I have ever done.
  • I love going to personal development conferences.
  • climbing up telephone poleI love being a portrait photographer where I help bring out the most attractive version of my friends.
  • My son Jason, a Tufts University graduate, is a music composer and producer, sound designer, guitarist and pianist and aspiring drummer.